Dad Punished for Loving his Daughter

Posted on October 24, 2011


By Marc Campbell

On Monday night while on a shopping trip in Braehead Shopping Centre, Chris White photographed
his 4 year old daughter sitting on the back of a Vespa seat at an ice cream bar.
Two pictures were taken and uploaded to Facebook by Mr White before Security approached him to inform him that he had been spotted, and complaints had been made about him taking “illegal” photos.

No other person can be seen in the photo, yet the police officers continued to re-enforce that it was
breach of privacy. Mr White was happy to show them the pictures but was not sure “under what
authority he could be asked to delete them”.

Two police officers were called to the incident, which Mr White described the older police officer as
being “quite intimidating in his nature” and that “As I was trying to explain, he said I was interrupting
him and that I should remain quiet until he had finished speaking to me.”

Father, Chris White, was quizzed by security at Braehead shopping centre over these pictures.

Mr White then created the Facebook page “Boycott Braehead” which sparked mass debate – with
around 24,000 users joining to voice opinions and show support – this encouraged the shopping
centre to change its policies to allow photos to be taken of family and friends. Mr White has also
emphasised on Facebook that there is no longer a calling for a boycott or flash mob at Braehead.
Instead he wishes to start a page called “Let Common Sense Flourish” aiming to be a more positive
chapter in tackling incidents like the above mentioned.

The relevance of the policies – before they were changed to allow photos to be taken of friends
and family – did not apply to the public, as Shopping centres are essentially photography hotspots,
with smart phones allowing people to check in at shopping centres and encourage the uploading of

Braehead Shopping Centre has since made a public apology to Mr White and his family for any
distress which “may have been caused”.

Since the incident it has emerged, that Mr White has been reported to the Procurator Fiscal, after
claims from a member of staff at the ice cream stall that Mr White had taken a picture of her with
his zip down. Mr White himself has said “At no stage did I take a photo of a staff member. This
allegation was first rumoured after the coverage was made. At no stage have the police questioned
me regarding this matter. I am taking this matter forward with my lawyer to find out the truth
behind this report.”

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