Xbox Steal From Thousands

Posted on November 10, 2011


By Jason Noonan

Signed up for Xbox Live? You may as well cancel your subscription right now because they are happily taking money from subscribers’ accounts for nothing. Not only that, they’re boldly refusing to pay it back until a month later.

 I’m not the only person who this has happened to. So far 43,000 accounts have been hacked and money is being withdrawn a little at a time. Microsoft doesn’t care if you lose another £100; their objective is to make more money any way possible. Even if it is sailing close to the wind legally, and verging on fraud, just to gain the interest from your money in their account.

 You may be asking will this happen to me? Well if you play any games made by Electronic Arts, that includes the newly released Battlefield 3, you’re at high risk of having money stolen from your account.

 The reason so many people playing EA games are being targeted is because EA ask you to subscribe to their server to play their games online. You will likely use the same password as your Xbox Live account for access to their server, just like the other 43,000 dopes.

 When a hacker gets hold of that information, they begin to bleed money from your account and they’re doing that very easily it would seem.

 Steven Melton writer for ‘Xbox Live Arcade Fans’ mentioned during an interview ‘I don’t think we can point the finger directly at Microsoft. In my opinion, one issue is that people use the same password for both their EA account and their Xbox Live account. So if EA’s security has been compromised then they’ll have your gamertag and your EA password.”

 You may put all the blame on the hackers, but it’s Xbox who are making the money here. You wouldn’t be wrong suggesting that they aren’t really bothered by hackers giving them more money, because that’s how Microsoft seem to be handling the problem.

 What the hackers are doing is signing onto your EA account with their console and buying all sorts of expensive media for their console such as games or movies, while the money goes from your account right into Xbox Live’s pockets.

 But here is the biggest problem. Once the purchase has been made, you must pay.Who in their right mind would allow money to be taken from their account when it has been done illegally?

 When asked about this Microsoft’s customer services simply said: ‘The transaction has been issued, so you must pay because giving us your (credit) card details was a commitment to pay all your transactions’, even when they recognise it has been made illegally.

 So while we are treated like mindless lambs to the slaughter, Microsoft sits back and watches as the wolves tear us apart. Microsoft are already spreading rumours online about a new console being released next year, I know a good 43,000 gamers who will think twice before deciding to go with Sony.

 Microsoft has had a fair bit of competition from Sony as of late. People are beginning to see where the grass is greener as Sony offers free online services. This deals a very heavy blow to Microsoft who charge anywhere from £25 to £60 a month for this service.

 With the recent release of On-Live, a purely online gaming console, Microsoft are pushing to be one step ahead, but they may be doing it at a cost to their own credibility. Releasing a ‘Next-Generation’ console is not a good answer to their problem, it will cost consumers hundreds and they will continue to charge for online subscriptions, this will only add more to the image of Microsoft grubbing for customers money.

 It’s time for Microsoft to give something back. It has such a loyal fan base, Microsoft are in pretty much every young persons’ home, being played daily, where friends can join together and play till sleep depravation begins to take its toll. Microsoft have to make the online function free for a start and have to wait another two years at least before calling any new console Next-generation, at least letting technology get ahead of what we have just now.

 All is not lost though. Watchdog has been contacted about these problems with lots more hackings happening daily, it may be that Microsoft will take notice of this problem. Maybe instead of blaming its customers for allowing credit card information to be stored on their machine, they may actually try to help their customers.

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