“The hottest thing to come out of Scotland since Deep Fried Mars Bars.”

Posted on November 17, 2011


By Lacey Dolan

Dundonian designer Hayley Scanlan is one of THE hottest things to come out of
Scotland since deep fried Mars Bars.

Hayley, a gifted designer with an incredible amount of creative ability, graduated
from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design in 2009 after completing
an internship with I-D magazine. She has also enjoyed a nine month internship
with Jeremy Scott – known for his humorous and quirky prints, created in his Los
Angeles studio. Hayley sold one of her first pieces to supermodel Erin O’ Connor
and designs clothes for Marina Diamandis of Marina and The Diamonds fame.
Phew! I am literally perspiring contemplating all the hard work and effort this girl
has put into her finished pieces. To top it all off she is expecting the pitter patter of
not two but four tiny little feet. She certainly doesn’t do things by half.

“My Mum and Gran lost me while we were out shopping in Marks and Spencers
when I was two, the two of them plus security guards found me walking outside
the shop on my own wearing a pair of high heels and a massive hat I had picked up
in the shop. I think that was my first sign of my love for fashion.

“ My Gran – Sups (short for Supergran) – inspired me as she was also a
dressmaker. I spent a lot of time with her growing up. She brought me up to be
creative and always use my imagination. I think I get my creative abilities from
her too. She was a very talented lady but never really got to put her talent to use,
so that really inspires me to make the most of what I have as we are only here
once. It helps that I have lots of experience. While interning for Jeremy Scott
(and living in LA) the whole time was very surreal, especially with me being a girl
from Dundee. Work-wise it was pretty crazy when Demi Moore dropped off her
daughter Scout who was interning with us at Jeremy’s studio in the Hollywood
Hills. One day her sister couldn’t pick her up so she called her Dad, – BRUCE
WILLIS, to come and collect her. When he arrived he asked me for directions on
how to get out the street. It’s the first time someone has ever made me speechless.
So working with Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s daughter was pretty crazy.
But there was lots of celebrities and crazy situations I encountered in LA. It was
definitely an experience and the best time I’ve ever had in my life.”

The designer even managed to give us an insight into what influences her.

“I’m influenced by different things all the time that I see. It could be anything. I’m
forever looking at something that has caught my eye and visualising how it would
look after I have made it my own. On top of that architecture, geometry, symmetry
and Art Movements: Bauhaus, Constructivism and Futurism are also important
influences in my design career.”

“As far as eras for fashion goes, the 1980’s, and early 90’s are my favourites as it
was when I was growing up. I always remember my Mum being a very stylish lady
and I think that has influenced me and my work quite a bit.

“My latest collection was a continuation from my graduate collection in 2009,
so all my print work was designed in 2008/2009 I just changed the silhouettes.
My main inspiration was the general theme of voyages of discovery that lead me
to look at contemporary non-physical journeys in science.”

“It REALLY frustrates me, that I started at the bottom and worked extremely hard
when some individuals can produce collections, whereas I have funded myself .
Money is no object for some people, I suppose. I’ve had some good news recently
so hopefully soon I will be able to focus on what I want to achieve and be able to
achieve it.

“As I am currently with child(ren) at the moment, it seems probable I shall take a
dip into the world of baby fashion as I am really fussy. Because I can never find
clothes I like, I end up making most of my own . This won’t change for my twins
either, it’ll just be a bit weird making things so small but I’m looking forward to it.

“The hot designers I love at the moment that readers should look out for are Holly
Fulton, Mark Fast, David Koma and Shaun Samson.”

Hayley Scanlan is not just a pretty face, and clearly the amount of effort she injects
into her designs proves. But which world fashion icon’s wardrobe would Hayley
sell her soul to own?

“Anna Dello Russo without a doubt”. She’s not perfect though and has made some
fashion faux paus that she would rather forget like the rest of us “I’ve made too
many to mention…… although I thought I was the bees knees at the time.”

So which celebrity does Hayley think should be shot (with a paintball gun of
course!) for horrendous crimes against fashion?

“Oh God. There’s lots. Cheryl Cole is pretty bad, whatever she wears I think she
always looks like a chav. I don’t get the Pippa or Kate Middleton thing AT ALL
either. Although I suppose they are not as bad as some people such as the cast from
The Only Way is Essex, they are horrendous. I’ve never really watched it but from
what I’ve seen it’s been pretty horrific. Oh and Jordan should definitely be shot
with a paintball gun.”

Clearly Hayley is a force to be reckoned with. Anyone who would willingly shoot
Jordan (with a paintball gun) is alright in my book. Even with the imminent arrival
of bambinos on the horizon she still remains focused. I doubt it will be very long
before Hayley puts a firm stamp on the fashion world…..with her brothel creepers
of course.

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