Alcohol Awareness Scotland Bite Back

Posted on December 1, 2011


By Jason Noonan

A leading Scots charity has hit back at claims that price increases may lead to negative and dangerous consequences like consumption of harmful counterfeit products in Glasgow today.

Dianne Thomson of Alcohol Awareness Scotland shot back at these claims from the European Spirits Organisation by stating: ‘we find people who drink, will likely do drugs anyway, as alcohol is seen as a gateway drug’ while attending a question and answer session at the City of Glasgow College.

European Spirits Organisation released a fact sheet which contained ‘Several studies show that uneducated or low income consumers, switch to lower quality alcoholic beverages produced illegally. Substitutes can also be found such as ethanol-based surrogates (e.g. aftershave or lighter fluids) which are highly dangerous.’

This means that as prices rise the people who can no longer afford to pay for the alcohol will find cheaper alternatives to their addiction, rather than seek help. Other alternatives could be ‘legal highs’ which are available on most high streets and cost significantly less than a bottle of vodka under the new bill.

Thomson refused to see this was the case by saying: ‘the price change is not that much, we only want people to become aware of their consumption levels, not make alcohol unaffordable.’

The price hike on Alcohol will come towards the end of the year with prices rising to equal the units of alcohol present in each drink from off-licenses, a bottle of own brand vodka would rise to £11.85 and wine to £4.20.

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