Body of Water Review

Posted on December 1, 2011


By Erin Cooper

Body of Water is an interesting play revolving around a group of protesting, anti-capitalist squatters that call themselves A Better Planet, occupying a mansion house where they decide to hold their first fund raiser. The fund raiser was in the form of a party rife with illegal substances supplied by one of the supporting characters Jack. Other than the mansion house being destroyed by young hooligans the party is going rather well, everyone is enjoying themselves other than poor Charlie who is the secret owner of the mansion and the leader of A Better Planet.

Throughout the play there are split scenes between the party and the police station. Two police officers are analysing the mysterious death of Vicki, one of the attendants of the party, whilst awkwardly flirting with one another. DC Jones and DC Smith interview several of the characters determined to get to the bottom of the possible murder of Vicki, however the task is proven more difficult than what they expected, for nobody seems to know exactly what happened that night.

Body of Water is performed by the students of Stow College. As a whole the acting throughout is above par to what you would expect students to be capable of, however the strength of the story is a little short of what is required. There are a few missing ingredients that limit the characters and prevent the much needed emotional hook between themselves and the audience, which is not a result of bad acting, it is a result of bad writing.

The play Body of Water would function better as a short film for the flow on stage is slightly staggered with constant scene swapping and disappointing technical support, such as dance music from the party spilling into serious detective scenes.

The strongest performance of the night was Caitlin Brennan’s rendition of Chloe, the mentally unwell friend of Vicki and former lover of Lloyd. Caitlin remarkably brought to life her characters issues with abandonment and self-worth, really setting the bar for others in the up-coming shows.

Body of Water will be showing in the East Kilbride Arts Centre the 16th and 17th of November and will return mid December.