Hang Up Your Hangover

Posted on December 1, 2011


By Claire Porter

With the festive season fast approaching everyone is looking for that miracle hangover cure. The question is how far would you go to get rid of that morning after feeling?

It is a problem party people have faced for centuries: the hangover. The pounding headache and nausea that makes us question whether it was really worth it and leaves thousands of people claiming every Saturday morning that they will “never drink again”.

That seedy Saturday feeling is something even our ancestors faced – yes, even the Romans got hangovers. Their preferred cure was deep fried canaries, which puts a whole new spin on mouth like the bottom of a birdcage.

As time passes the cures get even more radical and disgusting. But do any of these hairs of the dog really work to cure the effects of those Christmas party nights?

Of course there are the old favourites: a greasy fry-up; a big bottle of Irn Bru; some even choose to just continue drinking (not recommended as there’s a good chance it just postpones rather than aids your hangover). However if these don’t do it for you there are now thousands of new suggestions on how to sooth that pounding head and settle a queasy gut, some more appealing than others.

People from all around the world have formulated their own remedies in a desperate attempt to get rid of a horrific hangover. These range from weird to just plain repulsive. Some Puerto Ricans believe that rubbing lemon slices on your armpits can cure a hangover headache as it prevents dehydration. Haitians believe that making a voodoo doll from the bottle of alcohol that caused the hangover is a sure remedy. Perhaps worst of all is the method used by some Outer Mongolians. A creation named the Mongolian Mary: pickled sheep eyes in tomato juice, which would make the average person feel sick even without the consumption of alcohol. However it is a surprisingly popular choice after a messy night out in Mongolia.

If you don’t fancy something quite so extreme you could try the more natural cures for a hangover. Herbal medicines are a popular way to relieve hangover symptoms. Milk thistle tablets are a favourite as they are said to ‘cleanse the liver’.  Fruit juice is also a proven natural remedy as it increases the rate at which the body gets rid of toxins such as those left over from alcohol. Or there’s always meditation. The calming effects meditation has on your mind are said to help you focus your thoughts and relieve those hangover headaches.

When all else fails there’s always the tried and tested options. Products such as painkillers and caffeine tablets are proven to give you an instant boost and relieve symptoms – at least for a while.

Whatever way you choose to tackle your hangover this festive season whether it is herbal, an old favourite or just down right disgusting remember the more you drink the worse your hangover and these methods are not 100% effective. So this festive season, please drink responsibly.

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