Pigeon Battle of Yoker

Posted on December 1, 2011


By Jason Noonan

A man was found guilty of brutally disfiguring his friend, outside his house in Yoker, with a sword described as a ‘metre long’.

Craig McArthur, 35, was accused at the sheriff court, of arguing with a man over pigeons and amongst the confusion lashed out at his friend Daniel Lovett with a sword. Lovett could only describe the weapon as ‘one you see off the telly’.

The father of one’s right arm was slashed from wrist to elbow as he defended himself, Lovett described his wound to the sheriff as: ‘my muscle was hanging out my arm, you could see my bone.’

The victim then ran for his life in what he described as a ’traumatising’ event and matters where only made worse when emergency services refused to enter the street.

Manic McAthur was still free to attack people with a weapon and could have caused more harm to the emergency services.

Lovett then had to leave from a friend’s house which he said: ‘was a complete bloodbath’ to a street two blocks away just to get to an ambulance, where he was rushed to hospital and treated for his injury.

As the witness statement was given about the sickening attack, dangerous McArthur turned and smiled to his mother.

McArthur was found guilty of assault to severe injury and permanent disfigurement, menacing McArthur will serve a years’ imprisonment.

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