Alcohol and Crime Tackled Through Rhymes

Posted on December 15, 2011


Pupils of Dunoon Grammar School have shown determination, talent and great consideration for their peers as they teamed up with the Police, NHS, Social Work, other people in the community and a filming company from Glasgow named Shooter to produce a film highlighting the serious issue of underage drinking and the misuse of drugs that exists in the community using children’s nursery rhymes and parodies to convey the message.

The whole idea came about after a number of young people came close to death due to bad experiences with alcohol and drugs in the community. Strathclyde Police stressed that these kinds of incidents are causing real trauma in the community, so along with DGS, the police seen an opportunity for pupils to tackle issues relevant and realistic to them in a way that they hope will benefit those involved and their community. Sponsors helped the school pay for the production and it was then down to the pupils to set the ball rolling.

That ball started rolling when the pupils interested in the project came forward, along with their Drama teacher, Mrs Thompson and met with the people from Shooters to come up with a storyboard to work around. The actual process of scripting, filming and producing was all up to the pupils, Shooters helped where help was needed but the creativity of the pupils of DGS lead the way, giving them the opportunity to build their, already promising skills as individuals, as a team and their skills working with the technical equipment – editing parts in and out to get the perfection they so desire. Nurses and Police Officers came in to help with the process providing the pupils with expert views on underage drinking and the misuse of drugs. An inspired young pupil involved in the production expressed that “Making this film has really brought me out of my shell; I’ve worked with people I’d never imagined I’d talk to.”

The final touches to the project were made by the team at Shooters and the film was to premiere on the 12th December, at Dunoon Cinema – this was another indication of good support from the community. The cinema was also a good reward to the pupils for all the hard work and effort they put in during the production of the film. The red carpet was put out and the cinema was filled with lights to give it that premiere feel. Those invited were the people who helped out including; Police officers, Nurses and Social Workers, Shooters, staff from DGS and not to forget the stars of the show, the pupils of DGS.

A second screening is to take place in DGS Forum where the general public will be able to view the production. The film is sure to have a positive impact on all who watch and will open the eyes of those who are not fully aware of the extent of the issues raised in the film.

Incorporated with the message behind the film, a counselling service is intended to be set up for young people who are being affected by drugs or alcohol, even if it is not directly them they may know someone affected at home or in the peers. The film is also to be used educationally, as a tool to help make students aware of the dangers of alcohol and drugs and arm them a thorough knowledge, should they ever be faced with any incident involving alcohol and drugs.

Dunoon Grammar will no doubt continue to contribute and bring together the community and the young people of Dunoon with productions like “Nursery Cryhmes” in the future.

By Marc Campbell

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