Architects Live Review from the O2 ABC

Posted on December 15, 2011


By Sam Stowe

Architects begin their biggest ever UK tour with a near sell out show at the ABC in Glasgow, and they’ve brought some friends along with them.

Opening band Heights take to the stage to deliver their brand of punishing post-hardcore only minutes after the doors open, so there’s not much of a crowd to see them. Their short set lasts just 20 minutes, so unfortunately by the time they hit their stride it’s time for them to finish. It was nonetheless a very promising set from the Hertfordshire band, who are clearly destined for big things.

Some may expect Tek-One, a dubstep act, to stick out like a sore thumb on this bill. However the combination of DJ Howard Newman, drummer James May and MC Tonn Piper goes down a storm. Tek-One play a mixture of their own songs remixes done by Newman and a few other tracks they feel like playing. Having a live drummer creates a great atmosphere, which is missing from many dance acts that just use drum machines. Piper works the crowd into a frenzy and by the time their set is over the crowd are screaming for more.

There is a bit of a buzz around Deaf Havana right now. Since the release of their fantastic album Fools and Worthless Liars it seems they have got everyone talking. However the new tracks don’t seem to have any effect on the majority of the Glasgow crowd who only really come alive when they play their 2009 hit, Friends Like These. The band put in a great performance and deserved a better reaction than they got.

Architects appear onstage and launch into new single Devil’s Island followed immediately by Early Grave. The crowd scream every word along with vocalist Sam Carter who proclaims, “This is the greatest show we’ve ever played in Scotland”. The band end their set with Day In Day Out, the debut single from their 2011 album The Here And Now. The crowd sings the opening line of “The years I put into this” so loudly that Carter is stunned with amazement.  The band returned to the stage for a much-deserved encore, looking genuinely amazed by the reaction of the Glasgow crowd. When they leave the stage for real after Follow The Water the applause from the audience lasts for at least five minutes. Architects gave their all on stage and started their tour in the best way possible.