How to create a multi-billion dollar idea.

Posted on December 15, 2011


It’s simple really. One idea. One thought. Invest. Reap the benefits.
Repeat the process again if you wish…However, in all honestly, how does one manage to think of something, at the time useless and perhaps a bit of fun, that would turn into billions of dollars and become a powerhouse of a company. The prime example here is the creation of Facebook and it’s main shareholder and co-founder, Mark Zuckerburg.
Zuckerburg was one of the more gifted individuals when he was studying at coveted Harvard University during 2002. Studying Psychology and Computer Science, Zuckerburg was virtually guaranteed to progress from Harvard and graduate with ease. However, in a sense, this was not enough for a young ambitious Zuckerburg. The entrepreneur, both bored and drunk at the time, created a website titled, Facemash, that let students throughout Harvard comment on people’s looks throughout the campus. Many seen saw this as an impractical and useless website, yet the its popularity soared and even managed to crash the renowned Harvard website.
This is where essentially, the multi-billion dollar idea was invented. Facemash turned into then evolved into Facebook, the largest social media website in the world, with a reported 800 million frequent users. Let me repeat that. Nearly one seventh of the world uses this one website. One place to communicate. Nothing in the history of this world comes even remotely close to this whole phenomenon that is Facebook and perhaps nothing will. The question now lies with the future of Facebook. What will become of it?


Well with its mass reach throughout the world, Facebook has become essentially a huge advertisement for products. Ranging from local to worldwide companies, you can see throughout the website how powerful advertisement advertising is. No longer do businesses have to pay ridiculous amounts the to advertise on television time or in around movies. Now they can simply put on Facebook what they want to advertise to the public. This is how the companyFacebook has managed to increase their its profits every each consecutive year, consecutively now for six years. Therefore This has created creating an this enormous windfall of finance for the company and its owner, Zuckerburg, who is reportedly worth 18 billion dollars. Facebook, collectively, is worth close to a trillion dollars. All from one man and a computer who thought the simplest idea can be one of the greatest.

Portrayed in the 2010 movie, “The Social Network”, Zuckerburg is portrayed shown to be in some ways arrogant, selfish and unwilling to work with his colleagues. However, Zuckerburg himself and others have commented in saying that the movie was made for “entertainment value rather than a documentary”, with friends of Zuckerburg also saying how normal he is he in fact is.. What is even more annoying about this, is that Zuckerburg wears virtually the same thing outfit to work and socially when in public. With 18 billion dollars in yourthe wallet, you would think he would be a tad classier than that.

Although, perhaps the most infuriating thing about this, is that Facebook was one idea twhat was weaved together from one drunken night on his laptop. This almost never happens to people. Including me. However, this overnight sensation has turned into a juggernaut in terms of social networking. This in ways is quite inspiring. Zuckerburg, himself, has managed successfully to create a company that is continuingly defining an era and creating a new one in the process.

As quoted from the film surrounding the cultural event: “Facebook will never be finished. That’s the point. The way fashion’s never finished. It keeps redefining itself.”

By Conor Murray

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