Panic on the streets of Glasgow…

Posted on December 15, 2011


Violence! Screams! Women being shoved viciously towards the ground. This may sound familiar to the London riots of the previous months but it was actually the behaviour of eager fashionistas scrambling to get their manicured paws on the long awaited collaboration of VERSACE and H&M. This is what happens when you go Event Shopping. Cavewoman mentality takes over. We become no better than animals in the wild when it comes to choosing our desired outfits. Versace is one of the most prominent labels in the fashion industry. Founded in 1978 by the late Gianni Versace after his death on July 15th 1997, his younger sister Donatella took full reins of the brand and remained true to the style of her brother. Mayhem ensued on a cold miserable day in Glasgow this morning as myself and my peer were two of the eager girls who would have literally sold their soul to Lucifer himself for one of the extravagant pieces Donatella Versace had designed for one of the Britain’s best loved high street stores. The early rise of 6am was daunting enough and by the time we reached the Buchanan Street store we were given ID bands that would not allow us to enter this magical world of bright sequinned dresses and tropical themed garments until 10.50am. Cue tears and very sore headache.

These “ID bands” were given out at different intervals to give the customer an allocated time slot in the store and there was no way you were entering the very small allocated space of Versace items until the time your band stated (believe me I tried). Sales assistants were dressed in top-to-toe Versace designs and attempted to corral the high-spirited shoppers into a second waiting zone, where they would be held until their ten minute shopping slot came round. Again cue a throng of angry shoppers. Unfortunately it was not just us who had to endure this inconvenience. Other members of the public joined us on the miserable morning. With lack of sleep and early morning wake up calls proving to be a complete disappointment as the collection was torn from the shelves within seconds. Members of the H&M staff did all they could to try and cheer up these bleak, downtrodden faces. The collection itself for Glasgow was incredibly limited, and a great deal of items that were available online were sadly not for sale in the store. I spoke to a member of staff who informed me that three quarters of the whole collection had sold out within the hour, leaving many heartbroken Versace followers with bulging purses simply begging to be abused with the lure of the garish Versace prints.

For the consumers who were not fortunate enough to attend any of the stores where Versace was launched they chose to use the internet instead. This proved to be disastrous with the site continually crashing and not allowing you to checkout and buy the desired items, but when I had checked Ebay literally ten minutes later most items of the collection were already up for sale at triple the price. All is fair in money and fashion I guess.

The launch in Glasgow proved to be rather shambolic, after you were allowed in the small Versace area for 10 minutes, once you had left this space to try on items, it was forbidden to re enter the VERSACE zone. So therefore if something looked awful and perhaps a larger/smaller size was required you were unable to go back and purchase said item, even if it has been returned to the correct zone.

Of course the Versace collaboration was going to be a complete sell out all over the globe, and Donatella Versace and H&M were clearly aware of this. It was a massive coup for H&M to have Donatella Versace onboard with them. Funnily enough Donatella who once stated “I’ll never design for the high street” has provided a collection, which shows Versace at it’s best. Although some items are slightly pricy – mostly the leather and sequinned garments – basically consumers are buying a piece of high-end fashion from a high street store. It will take a hell of a lot of imagination for the next H&M collaborator to even come close to being on par with what has been produced.

I just can’t wait to ponder on how much profit margin these greedy consumers make on their Versace goods, while real fans have to pay an incredible sum of money or simply go home without a Versace product in sight. Ah, well I might just save my student pennies and treat myself to a brand new Versace item, courtesy of Ebay of course.

by Lacey Dolan

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