Mastodon live at the Barrowlands

Posted on February 21, 2012


Mastodon celebrate the release of their highly anticipated fifth album, The Hunter by embarking on a world wide tour stopping in the Barrowlands in Glasgow for another sold out show.

The show opens with Red Fang’s unique blend of Heavy Metal and Stoner Rock and although they aren’t very well known, and a lot of the crowd is still coming in the entrance, they still get the crowd moving around. They even manage a good sing along with their hit Prehistoric Dog.  For a band who only just released their first album it’s clear to see they are definitely going to be a band to keep an eye on.

Next up on stage were The Dillinger Escape Plan who were thought by many to be an odd fit on this tour but the New Jersey based metal heads manage to stir up some chaos within the crowd with their hyper energetic mathcore.  For some sections of the audience however their musical style did not go down too well and there were groans of distain growing towards the back of the hall.  However you may have struggled to notice it over the singer Greg Puciato diving headfirst into the crowd gathered in front of the stage. While definitely not for everyone, it’s hard to argue that they don’t know how to put on a show.

Finally as the night draws to a close, Mastodon take to the stage and with a few words burst straight into Dry Bone Valley and the crowd erupts into a roar. There is barely a moments rest for the Georgian quartet as they burn through their 23-song set, constantly switching genres, positions and even vocalists.

The set contains songs from all of Mastodon’s albums but it is songs from the latest album such as Curl of the burl and All the Heavy Lifting along with classics from their earlier albums that really get the crowd going. As the show comes to a resounding end with the epic March of the Fire Ants into their most popular song Blood and Thunder, Mastodon leave the stage to the cheers of the entire crowd, reappearing moments later with the members of both support bands, the now packed stage and eager crowd bellow out the euphoric Creature Lives.

As Mastodon grow from strength to strength it’s clear to see even half way through this tour their energy and enthusiasm hasn’t wavered at all.

By Glenn Paton